Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wild and Free!

                        So what does a woman do when she is out driving and she sees a 
                                          coffee table on the side of the road? 
                                Begging me to save her from the trash graveyard? 
                     This woman runs to her favorite donut shop to buy her daughter a kolache. 
                                  To hopefully bribe daughter into helping her get this table. 
                                                     Mission Accomplished!!!!
                                                        Baby has some nice gams!
I mixed up some homemade chalkpaint. 
Grabbed ye olde paintbrush. After three coats I glazed this baby with Valspar Tintable Glaze,
and a wild beast has been tamed!
Do you think my Buddha is fat?

So for the cost of a Kolache (and a donut for me..ok two donuts for me...for energy you know!) 
I snagged me an awesome coffee table. 

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