Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wild and Free!

                        So what does a woman do when she is out driving and she sees a 
                                          coffee table on the side of the road? 
                                Begging me to save her from the trash graveyard? 
                     This woman runs to her favorite donut shop to buy her daughter a kolache. 
                                  To hopefully bribe daughter into helping her get this table. 
                                                     Mission Accomplished!!!!
                                                        Baby has some nice gams!
I mixed up some homemade chalkpaint. 
Grabbed ye olde paintbrush. After three coats I glazed this baby with Valspar Tintable Glaze,
and a wild beast has been tamed!
Do you think my Buddha is fat?

So for the cost of a Kolache (and a donut for me..ok two donuts for me...for energy you know!) 
I snagged me an awesome coffee table. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy Peasy Table Runner

I'm not big on table runners. Most of the time my table is filled with junk and a table runner wouldn't be seen anyhow. But I seen from those fabulous chicks at Shanty 2 Chic. 

Hey, I can do that. Got my shims. Got my stain. Got my fabric. Got my glue. Got my table runner!

First a tip. Do not and I repeat  DO NOT glue said craft together on top of your dining-room table. Even though you are going to be sanding said table soon it will cause you more work. Dang it!

    I stained all my shims. I used two different stains. Rust Oleum's Early American and Traditional Cherry. Shims are uneven on each end so I alternated them on the runner 2:1. I wish I would of done 3:1 though. 

I then started gluing with Gorilla Glue and presto peasy! An awesome table runner.

Pretty Pink Secretary

 I will admit it. I'm a Craigslistaholic. I'm on there everyday. Looking for the sweet and cheap. On this day I found it. $10 for this schweet baby! After whooping it up, I yelled for Big Daddy to hit the road. Ladies if your husband is like mine you know what happened next. But the threat of bodily harm won out and off we went.
Here she is. Pretty in Pink. 
                           I gussied her up with some homemade chalkpaint. 
                                   Took about three coats. 
            I then put a brown glaze on her to age the white chalkpaint                    
                          I removed the handles and added cloth drawer pulls. 
                       Made from the same material I added to the back.
             I wanted the finials to stand out so I chalkpainted them a pink, 
                         then a light sweeping of the white chalkpaint.
                   Replaced the dull fake brass knobs with pink glass knobs 
                                     I bought from Hobby Lobby
                       This lady goes beautifully in my guest bedroom. 
                                           And for less than $20 
                             I took a boring and brown behemoth 
                                        and turned her into a 
                                       Sweet Pink Lady!