Thursday, January 23, 2014

Too Many Shims on my Hands

My daughter was married last September. It was a gorgeous wedding. We made table runners with shims. MANY, MANY, MANY shims. I believe it was about 750 shims that we made runners with. My daughter and her now husband stained the shims and I and my now husband put a pink wash on them. They turned out gorgeous. Here is a few pics of the table centerpieces from the wedding. Loved it!

Of course now the question is, 
What to do with all those shims???
I know...let's make sunburst's!!!!!

I chose the pinkish shims I could find and laid out my design on the floor. I started hot gluing my shims to a round piece of thin wood I had bought from Hobby Lobby. Since making my shims I was perusing Hobby Lobby and noticed the round cardboard cake plates. Those would be perfect to make these. It was about $5 for a package of 6 and with a 40% off that would be a great deal.
On this Sunburst I used a cut out piece of foam board which did not hold up too well. The paper came away from the foam and I had to glue it after I had made the Sunburst. But here is a pic from another Sunburst I had made using the wood piece.

After all the gluing I then glued my doilies on. I then glued the beautiful brooch on the doilies.

 I decorated the tips of the shims with pearls, and white and clear gems.

A beautiful Sunburst for my pink guest bedroom

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